Our Services

Dr. J Enterprises (DJE) is owned and managed by Dr. J. G. Arndell,  a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience in her field of expertise and offers a wide range of managerial consulting services for psychological, emotional, behavioral and therapeutic treatment programs for youth and adults within various communities, organizations, schools and clinical therapeutic Institutions;

These services include:

1. Employment and supervision of professionals in the field of counseling and related therapeutic guidance for outsourced placements: Dr. J Enterprises  employs professionals in the field of psychology, social work and related fields such as group leaders and residential monitors to work with at risk populations, families or the general population requiring counseling and guidance.

2. Supervisory and Consulting Services: Dr. J Enterprises  offers clinical supervision and guidance to persons or organizations who provide counseing or therapeutic guidance/services to special populations or the general public.Clinical supervision can be provided for program development and management, case management, diagnostic evaluations, treatment plan development, therapeutic interventions, professional documentation, record keeping or other related services as requested by organizations. 

3. Psychological Evaluations (Adults and Children): Dr. J Enterprises provides confidential and professional psychological evaluations:

· Mental Status Evaluations: This assessment determines the individual mental stability and gives a broad overview of one’s intellectual and current emotional functioning

· Pre- Employment Psychological Evaluations:This assessment gives the employer a broad overview of the prospective employee’s personality, personal characteristics, strengths/ weaknesses, stress tolerant level, mental and emotional stability.

· Normal Personality Assessment:This assessment is a comprehensive and detailed assessment of normal adult personality. It focuses on the individual’s emotional, interpersonal, experiential, attitudinal and motivational style.

           · Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations: This comprehensive evaluation identifies the existence of abnormal and dysfunctional behaviors


     4. Personal Development Trainings: Dr. J Enterprises provides tailored workshops for staff development for companies such as stress managements. Teamwork, etc


5. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Dr. J Enterprises provides companies with EAP to assist the employees with strategies in maintaining a healthy work life balance.  Dr. J Enterprises works closely in collaboration with the Turning Point Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation facility and offers the link for drug and alcohol assessment and treatment

· The EAP is a benefit designed to provide  confidential counseling service to employees whose personal problems are seriously affecting their ability to function on the job

· It is a counseling program that offers assessments, and short term counseling to employees to help them deal with a wide range of personal problems including drug and alcohol problems.

· It  is intended to assist in the rehabilitation of employees with problems so they can lead happier lives. It is designed to provide supervisors who are dealing with troubled employees a source of referral for counseling